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Ft Wayne, IN 46808

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Fax: (260) 484-1635

Email: bruce.cole@installed.net


Mission Statement

Overhead Door Corporation and the Sanwa Group are committed to offering products and services that provide safety, security and convenience to further contribute to the prosperity of society.

Value Statement

To deliver products and services to satisfy all customers, to become a true global player and be highly valued by each industry related market in the world and to bring together the creativity of each individual in a team environment for the enhancement of corporate value.

Core Values

  • Customers: It is our business to provide for the needs of our customers and to strive for 100% satisfaction, in our attitude and in spirit.
  • People: Recognize people as the core of our strength. Encourage initiative and provide opportunities for personal growth throughout the entire organization. Emphasize balance and quality of life for all employees.
  • Integrity: Always do what is right, with no exceptions and conduct ourselves as professionals.
  • Excellence: Focus on continuous improvement never be satisfied and always strive for challenging goals.
  • Education: Encourage, support and provide a learning environment.
  • Communication: Create an atmosphere of open, consistent, two-way communication.
  • Teamwork: Together we will achieve our common goals, while providing an atmosphere of respect for one another.
  • Execution: Carry out and fully put into effect our plans and commitments.
  • Safety: Promote safety in everything that we do for ourselves, our partners and for our customers.
  • Quality: Never settle for anything less than the highest quality in anything we do.